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For some patients altering their dental appearance can be life changing. However dealing with cosmetics takes care and skill. With some popular techniques offering a quick fix solution but leaving a questionable long term outcome it is important for you as the patient to fully understand the implication of the treatment. To make sure you make the correct decision we will find, discuss and understand what your cosmetic issues are. We will then explain the different options available to you from the very simple to the more complicated. This explanation will include the pros and, more importantly, the cons of the treatment. This should hopefully allow you to make an informed decision about what is best for you. We have often found that going through this process pateints who have come in asking for complex work have walked away with a more simple, elegant, cost effective solution that has addressed their needs. This suites us fine because we believe keeping things as simple as possible is best.

Some of the cosmetics procedures we offer are as follows:

Tooth whitening

Porcelain veneers.

Crowns and Bridges


Cosmetic braces

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