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This is the key to preventing dental problems and avoiding dental treatment. As much as we love what we do we would be happier if our patients had fewer dental problems. Keeping a good dental cleaning routine and a low sugar diet is all it takes to have a life time free of dental problems. You do not need to spend a fortune on expensive tooth brushes or fancy cleaning aids. Just spend a few minutes in the morning and before you sleep brushing with the correct size tooth brush, flossing and using interdental brushes and you will reap the rewards.

Diet advice

Very simply reduce the frequency of sugar intake during the day. Try to avoid sugary snacks like sweets and chocolates and sugary drinks like cordials, fizzy drinks and sugars in teas and coffee. When you or the kids have a treat try and keep it to meal times, this is when it will do the least harm. Getting the children into good habits from an early age can take then through a life time with no dental problems.

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