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How can I whiten my teeth?

Our tooth whitening treatment is a relatively simple, reliable and cost effective way to cosmetically improve your smile. A whiter smile will improve the way you look and feel. Professional tooth whitening will be carried out by your dentist who will custom make a thin tray to fit on your teeth perfectly. The tray should be worn daily with the whitening gel at a convenient time for up to two hours or even overnight. The whitening gel will gently help whiten your teeth over a period of two to four weeks. Darker teeth may take longer to achieve the desired colour. If you have white fillings or crowns on your front teeth these will not change colour. However, if necessary your dentist can replace them to match your new teeth colour.

What does my whitening kit contain?

The whitening kit contains upper and lower custom made whitening trays, four double size whitening gel syringes, instruction leaflet and sensitivity toothpaste.

How many appointments will I need?

A minimum of three appointments will be required. At the first appointment the dentist will take impressions of your teeth to custom make the whitening trays. At the second appointment the dentist will take photos of your teeth, show you how to use the kit and administer the first treatment. At the third appointment the dentist will do a full review and take photos. If at any stage of the treatment you have any questions or worries you can make another appointment or call the practice.

Are there any side effect?

Professional teeth whitening is a safe treatment with little side effects. Some people can experience sensitivity during the treatment. If this happens, your dentist will advice you on the best course action.

How long will the results last?

The new whiter colour will last well with good care and maintenance. It is important to avoid staining agents like smoking, coffee red wine and fizzy drinks. Ideally you should stop smoking three weeks before starting the treatment as smoking darkens the teeth countering the effect of the whitening process. Touch-up kits are available from your dentist if you wish to freshen your smile at a later date.

What do I do now?

If you are registered at Smile Dental Practitioners, you can have a complimentary consultation with your dentist about tooth whitening. If you are a new patient, the dentist will first like to assess your dental health and suitability.

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