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We provide all aspects of general family dentistry. With many years of experience in the practice we have the ability and confidence to handle any dental complication. Below is a summary of some of the treatments we provide


This will start with a chat about your past dental experiences and treatments, checking your medical history and asking about any current problems you might be experiencing. After this we will move onto examine you for any dental disease including decay of teeth, gum disease and a mouth cancer check. If required x-rays may be taken. Following this we will be in a position to talk to you about your dental condition and offer any preventive advice. If necessary we will talk about any treatment that may be required. All treatment options will be discussed and we will help you decided which options suite you best. When required a written treatment plan with costs clearly stated will be provided.

Scale and Polish/Gum treatment/Hygenist services

Our dentists and hygenists can provide routine cleaning which is important to help maintain dental help. Patients with gum disease may require extra help and treatmet to return to good dental health.

Routine fillings

These can be needed to restore a tooth when it has been damaged either through decay or trauma. With the option of new modern white filling materials we can achieve some excellent cosmetic results.

Root fillings

When the nerve is damaged inside a tooth through infection or trauma and the tooth can be maintained by having this treatment. Ususaly carried out over one or two visits the nerve area is first cleaned, disinfected and then filled with an inert material.


These are used to cap over a tooth when it has been damaged in some way. The crown is custom made to slip over your existing tooth to protect the underlying structure. Crowns can be made of a variety of materials ranging from metals to much more cosmetic proclein.

Dental Bridges

This one of the ways a missing tooth can be replaced. The bridge is custome made and usualy fixed to one or two of the adjacent teeth next to the missing tooth. The more modern approach to this type of treatment requires a very minimal amount of treatment and can be a simple elegant solution.

Gum treatments

It is often easy to ignore problems with your gums until it is too late. If you suffer from bleeding and or swollen gums it is vital to address the problem. The most important aspect of this treatment is to learn the correct techniques for looking after your teeth and gums. The dentist and hygienist will instruct you in this. They will then carry out the gum testament which is a process of deep cleaning out any substances which have become attached to the tooth/root which is causing the problem.

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