Smile Dental Care - Maintaining Dental Health

At Smile Dental Care we don’t just want to treat your clinical requirements, we want to help you look after your oral health to the best of your ability. We are also aware of the financial implications of dental care, so also aim to offer flexible payment solutions and care plans to help you manage your money too. We pride ourselves on providing the best responsible density and health care advice available. If we can help you to avoid dental care through healthy lifestyle and diet then we will do.

However, we also understand that sometimes in an emergency you’ll need our care at short notice. Below is some more detail on our Responsible Dentistry services.

Stop Smoking Advice & Support

The associations between tobacco use and diseases affecting your oral health, such as periodontal disease and cancer are now well recognised. By stopping smoking you will improve your oral health and general health dramatically. At Smile Dental Care we provide free stop smoking cessation sessions with our tobacco cessation specialist. These sessions are tailored to individual needs and the cessation advisor will provide you behavioural and pharmacological support to help you overcome nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If you would like more information on this, please ask your dentist on your next visit or call our friendly support team on reception to make an appointment.


Prevention is the key to avoiding dental problems and dental treatment. As much as we love what we do we would be happier if our patients had fewer dental problems. A good dental cleaning routine and a low sugar diet is all it takes to have a lifetime free of dental problems. You do not need to spend a fortune on expensive toothbrushes or fancy cleaning aids. Just spend a few minutes in the morning and before you sleep brushing with the correct size toothbrush, flossing and using interdental brushes and you will reap the rewards of good oral health.

Diet Advice to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Very simply, you should reduce the frequency of your sugar intake during the day. Try to avoid sugary snacks like sweets and chocolates and sugary drinks like cordials, fizzy drinks and sugar in hot drinks. When you or the kids have a treat try and keep it to meal times, this is when it will do the least harm. Getting the children into good habits from an early age can take then through a lifetime with no dental problems.