Root Canal Treatment

Many people have heard about root canal treatment and usually associate it with pain and discomfort.  However, what is it and what is really like to have this treatment?

Inside all teeth there is a nerve, which runs down the root of the tooth.  This can become damaged or die for a number of reasons but mainly through trauma or decay and become infected.  This can be painful but not always.  At this point we have two options, either to save the tooth or to remove it.  To save the tooth the area inside the tooth where the nerve is has to be cleaned and disinfected and filled.  This is a root canal treatment.   With the correct administration of local anaesthetic this treatment can be carried out in comfort. 

The process of carrying out root canal treatment is very technically demanding.  The openings in the root where the nerve lives have to be found inside the tooth.  These can be less then 1mm wide and in some teeth there are four of them.  Great precision and skill is required.

At Smile Dr. Zoeb Kapadia has a special interest in providing Root canal treatment.  He has undertaken further postgraduate training in this field.  To increase the success of root canal treatments he uses a state of the art microscope and other specialised instruments and equipment. 

If you have any questions about root canal treatment please talk to one of our team.